I’m Amanda Price

Communication Skills Trainer and Consultant

Helping You Catalyze Connection,
One Conversation at a Time


Are you longing to:

  • Enjoy more satisfying relationships?
  • Resolve long-standing or complex conflicts?
  • Experience greater peace of mind and understanding?

I’ll help you achieve these goals and more through individualized empathic communication coaching and/or training.

Teams / Organizations / Communities

Group members know how crucial effective communication is to achieving goals, managing conflict, and enriching relationships.  Find out how I can help you optimize all of the above through contextualized empathic communication training and/or consulting.

Separate Signal from Noise 

Learn to discern the difference between the words we use and messages we want to communicate

Identify What Matters Most

Develop your capacity to identify what’s most important in any situation and take effective action


Use Feedback To Connect

Transform your ability to offer and receive feedback to sustain (or regain) connection and enrich mutual understanding connection


Harness the Power of Persistence

Enjoy the benefits of achieving win-win decision-making and conflict resolution

What is Empathic Communication?

Listening with presence and curiosity. Expressing with confidence, honesty, and care. Honoring what’s most important to ourselves and to others in each moment, and seeking solutions that work for all – that is the essence of empathic communication.

Why is Empathic Communication Important?

Your overall quality of life depends in great part on the quality of your relationships. Practicing the principles, processes, skills and tools of empathic communication will ignite the greatest potential of every relationship, and result in mutually-satisfying, joyful and effective interactions.


What Can You Expect?

It’s all about contextualization and co-creation – you won’t find any cookie cutter solutions here.

You can expect me to:

  • Engage with curiosity and without judgement 
  • Listen deeply 
  • Demonstrate integrity 
  • Uphold a culture of excellence
  • Request regular feedback in service of continual learning 
  • Deliver 10x the value you pay for
1. Exploring the Landscape

Together we’ll explore your aspirations, current challenges, and possibilities for collaboration.

2. The Opportunity

You’ll review my proposal for engagement to determine fit, willingness, and commitment to learning and improvement.

3. Creating an Agreement

Together we’ll finalize the scope of engagement, including deliverables/services, logistics and fees.

4. Let’s Do It!

We’ll execute according to plan, connecting and exchanging feedback regularly to ensure mutual understanding and alignment.

About Me

I work with individuals, teams and organizations who understand the significance and value of effective communication. My goal is to empower people to engage and communicate with confidence, honesty, and empathy. I’m passionate about helping you transform habits of thought and communication that no longer serve you, and cultivate a quality of connection and flow of communication essential to all of your relationships.

-“My first experience learning NVC was in the course “Speak Your Peace” in which Amanda was an assistant facilitator. It had an impact in my life equivalent to discovering the “Rosetta stone” of clear and authentic communication. There is an elegant simplicity to NVC that makes it versatile for any situation. Amanda’s gift is her ability to transmit this method in a customized way. Her depth of training, experience, and integrity allowed me to have trust in the process. I have come away with new skills that I can access quickly in my personal and professional life with empowering results. I have also enjoyed experiencing the ripple effect that individual change can have on others. Amanda brings peace, clarity, and authenticity to every encounter. She is a true wisdom teacher.”

Ann Carroll B.



“Amanda facilitated our company’s first workshop in Nonviolent Communication. Amanda’s ability to connect brought everyone into the process and created an impactful learning experience. Her private coaching further helped me to integrate those NVC practices into our company’s DNA. Every day I’m seeing the results in our ability to accomplish more with ease.” 

Web D.


“In my experience collaborating and training with you, Amanda, you have maintained a deep integrity in the consciousness and tools of Nonviolent Communication. Your leadership maintains that delicate balance of providing structure while empowering individuals. Your patience and modeling of compassion build trust, allowing the group to move forward efficiently while incorporating what is most important for each person.”

Paige W.

Communication Trainer/Consultant

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